A.D. 30: A Novel - Ted Dekker

No exaggeration, this book cativated me right from the start. There was never a lull in the action, never a part where I just skimmed along and waited till something interesting happened. Malviah is a woman with spunk and heart, even though she's been downtrodden, cast away, rejected, and had hardship and pain from the day she was born. But Malviah is no quitter. She faces her fears head on. She puts me in mind of Boudica, the queen of the Iceni people. I love, love, love strong female protagonists, and they don't come much tougher than Malviah. She faces real challenges, both internal and external, yet somehow through them all, she still finds the will to keep on rising up.


I also have to say that I like the way Yeshua is portrayed in this novel. I've heard his parables numerous times over the years, but the way his words are presented here gave me a richer, deeper understanding of what he was really trying to communicate and how personal his message is to me. This is an excellent novel and one I highly recommend.


Publisher's digital review copy. Opinions are my own!