A Truth Worth Tellin' - Toni Teepell
After a student read this book in one night, loved it, and recommended it to me, I also read it in one sitting and loved it as much as she did. Toni Teepell's emotional novel (based, in part, on her own life) made me feel joy, frustration, sadness, and peace. The author created two characters, Maggie and Sam, that I would love to read about again and again. I want to know how they grow up, what happens later life, and how things turn out for them both in the end because I was that interested in them. In fact, at no point did I find myself thinking, "This is dull. When will this part end?" The entire novel gripped my attention from start to finish. To me, that's what a novel should do.

I really appreciated twelve-year-old Maggie's struggles with shame, faith, and family as she grows and learns that everyone, even someone with a mentally ill mother, has "a truth worth tellin'."