Grace Before Dying - Lori Waselchuk, Deborah Luster, Lori Waselchuk
Quote from the Introduction: "This project is not about death. It is about life, its limits, and the choices made within those limits." This collection uses B&W photography as well as words to tell the story of the hospice program at Angola/Louisiana State Penitentiary.

On the negative side, I didn't see the need to dedicate/waste two full pages on a picture of a rainfall in the forest; Powell's essay was overly focused on race and would have been more beneficial had it focused on the hospice program; and I would have appreciated more color photographs, especially of the quilts designed and handmade by the inmates.

On the positive side, the quotes from the inmate volunteers and other participants in the hospice program have given me quite a lot to think about, especially one from George B. who says that being a hospice volunteer has diminished the hatred and bitterness that once defined him and has taught him how to empathize with others--no small matter and one that deserves to be celebrated; some of the photos are particularly moving; and the hospice program is worthy of attention.

I don't know if the hospice program at Angola has been made into a documentary, but if it hasn't, it should be.