If the Devil Had a Wife - Frank Mills, Holly Forbes, Rebecca Nugent
While the writing gets a bit boggy and dry at times, I enjoyed the book overall, and I found it to be simultaneously interesting and infuriating. If money talks, then big money shouts, and the bigger the fortune, the louder the din. While Lady Justice may not see black and white, she sees the cool green color of cash just fine.

Apparently, Nelda and her lesbian lover, Eunice, were demented, driven serial killers who got away with fraud, deceit, and MURDER--and more than just once.

Some folks will do anything for money and will stop at nothing to acquire more of it. Nelda and Eunice fit into that category with no wiggle room to spare. It's sad to see how money can manipulate the justice system. However, while I say that, I feel it also behooves me to say that Lutcher Stark was anything but innocent.

While he never killed anybody, Lutcher was more than willing to sit back and let his third wife separate him from his family and friends. He, too, had an ugly over-attraction to money, and I can't say I feel any sympathy for anything that may have happened to him. Anybody who would willingly marry and stay married to a troll like Nelda deserves whatever hell may come his way as a result; it's only unfortunate that his family had to suffer so severely as a result of his lack of discretion and spine.

Some folks say Justice is blind. My foot! However, she is willing enough to look the other way when the price is right.

The book has an accompanying website that includes photos not in the book: http://www.ifthedevilhadawife.com/