Saints Preserved: An Encyclopedia of Relics - Thomas J. Craughwell
(3.5 Stars, really) I won this one from a Goodreads giveaway that I signed up for since this looked like an interesting read, and it was. It would have been better if it included more photos, but it's not at all bad for a quick reference on the relics of saints. Each entry includes a brief biographical sketch of the saint's life and death, and then a description of where his or her relic(s) lie and what they entail. What I found especially sobering and inspiring were the saints who were martyred for their faith and how they stood strong and would not relinquish their beliefs despite torture and certain death.

Update: Until my house was burgled the Sunday after Thanksgiving, I actually had a relic of a Holy Man; Now all I have is the certificate of authenticity regarding my relic of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos, a German born priest who inspires me as a teacher. He did what he thought best for his students, ignored rules, flauted tradition, and got himself into a ton of trouble with the administration, but his students loved him, and he loved them right back. He gave himself to others and never tired of treating the poor, the sick, and the weak. New Orleans was blessed to have him.

I wonder what the thieves must have felt as they were pawing through the swag and discovered that they now held a piece of a toe bone from a man who may soon become a saint.

In truth, I guess they probably wouldn't care.