Bondi's Brother - Irving Roth, Edward Roth
A great man with an unforgettable story of brotherly love and loss in the Holocaust. This memoir would be great to use in middle school all the way up to college. Roth tells his story in such a way that the reader feels and understands the emotion behind it, but Roth has written it in a way that isn't gory. It's a great book to use as an introduction to the Holocaust for younger readers.

Irving Roth continues to live his life in honor of those who died, and he uses the pain of his past to eliminate the suffering of others today. That's a clip of him sharing part of his testimony on SchoolTube. In this second clip, he's talking to one of my classes about forgiveness. Powerful stuff.

A copy of the book can be obtained, even autographed, for about $18 if you contact Irving Roth at . It includes a glossary of unfamiliar terms and several photographs of the author and his family, and an ELA/Social Studies teacher's guide is available.