Just Passing Through: Notes from a Fellow Traveller - Jason Mitchener
Born with a rare meuromuscular disease that confines him to an electric wheelchair, Jason Mitchener seems to be the epitome of "Bloom where you're planted." He spends him time doing what he can, instead of ruminating on all the things he can't.

At one point, Mitchener recounts an experience visiting a local orphange with his college frat brothers. While the other brothers did landscaping, Mitchener spent time with the children. He writes, "One five-year-old boy immediately gravitated toward me. He seemed starved for attention. I found out later than both of his parents were in jail for selling drugs. This little boy didn't care that I sat in a wheelchair. He was just happy to have someone spend time with him. Have you spent time helping people who can never repay you? Ask God to show you how you can lend a hand where it's needed most." That's just one example of the kind of thoughts and experiences Mitchener shares in his devotional, which is inspiring, to say the least.

Last time I looked into it, Jason MItchener was living in a nursing home, and continuing to bloom.

Update: Jason has gone home to his Savior, but he leaves quite a legacy of lives he's touched while here with us.