The Make-Believe Man - Richard Harding Davis
This reminds of some of the old B&W television shows I used to watch as a kid. You know the ones: two friends, one of whom has a knack for coming up with kookey schemes and finding trouble while the other one goes along for the ride and gets in it just as deeply (ala Lucy and Ethel, Laurel and Hardy, etc.). I'm not saying this was a funny as those old t.v. shows, but it did have its high points, and I was reminded somewhat of P. G. Wodehouse, only this isn't as ironic or entertaining. It was a fun enough, light, and quick read, my introduction to Richard Harding Davis, and while I greatly prefer the comedic genius of Wodehouse, Davis will do just fine in a pinch. Besides, we can't all be Wodehouse, now can we?