All About Poop - Kate Hayes, Marlo Garnsworthy, Brenna Vaughan
I came across this book pre-publication on one of those "Fund My Project" sites, and I thought it was worth an investment, so I signed on. In return for my contribution, I received a copy of the book quite some time ago when it came out ago, but I put it to the side and kind of forgot about it till today.

Obviously the book is geared toward youngsters, and it answers the question every kid wants to know at some point, i.e., where does doo doo come from? The book is written in rhyme ("Some poop floats and some poop sinks. One thing that's for sure is that ALL POOP STINKS!") and includes illustrations that are kind of cute considering the subject matter.

As the title states, the book teaches kids all about poop, taking them from ingestion to elimination, but it goes beyond that. Kids also learn that poop is not to be handled because of germs, that we need to wash our hands after using the restroom, and so on. On the last page are a few fast facts both children and adults may find interesting. For example, did you know cockroaches take a dump every 15 minutes? How disturbing!

I think this is a book kids should read, and adults might just find it interesting, too. I know I did.