On Austrian Soil: Teaching Those I Was Taught to Hate - Sondra Perl

This is written by an educator about an experience she had teaching in Austria, only it's not that simple: the teacher is a Jewish woman, and some of her students are the children of (former?) Nazis. Together, they tackle tough issues including responsibility and freedom, speaking out or remaining silent, and looking toward the future while remembering the past. Yes, this is a book written by a teacher about teaching, but one doesn't have to be in education to appreciate the author's honest struggle as she came face to face with her own prejudices by examining writing pedagogy with those she was taught to hate.


As I read, I highlighted like mad so that I would have adequate text to draw from when I wrote my inevitable review, but in the end, I didn't think I'd do it justice, so I've decided to let Sondra's words speak for themselves:
May we all find
The enemy within
And the beloved
Among the enemy.

Now that's more than worth reading; it's worth thinking about, struggling with, and adhering to.