The Sandcastle Girls - Chris Bohjalian

Reading this novel, one cannot help but see the parallels between the Armenian genocide and the Holocaust. I say that with caution because I want to be careful that I don’t “compare” suffering. That’s not my intent, nor was it the author’s.


Though the story is fiction, it’s based on real events and, in some cases, loosely on real people. How could I not get caught up in the drama knowing that this could have actually happened (and probably did)?


I’m not usually a fan of romance, but this was a necessary part of the story, so I didn’t mind it.


My only complaint is that I got irritated with the switching from past to present tense. I recognize it’s a literary tool, but it’s one I didn’t appreciate in this book.


There are a couple of “F” bombs in the book, and if that’s more offensive to the reader than all the raping, murdering, and mutilating that goes along with genocide, then it’s best to leave this book alone. There are other books available that are set during the Armenian genocide that might be more suitable for certain tastes. Personally, I didn’t mind the language, but I know some people will, which is the only reason I brought it up.