Strange History - Bathroom Readers' Institute

I learned a lot of interesting and crazy tidbits reading this, and a few pretty awful things too, but I had a blast doing it! People have done some ridiculous things with poop, including using it as a contraceptive. History is full of crazy facts like that, and this book is jam packed with them.


I was in a pretty foul mood today till I started reading this; then the old time insults made me grin, and the story of an Egyptian general's traitorous fart had me cracking up!


This is a book for those who love history and for those who don't yet know they do. It doesn't need to be read in any particular order, so readers can go from cover to cover or peck around and see where they land. I enjoyed this! (PS: If trepanning makes yet another comeback, count me out! I need a hole in the head like I need a...well, you know.)