Cole's Perfect Puppy, Perfect Puppies Book One - Frances M. Crossno

I didn't really think the dialogue sounded like kids at times, but the story itself is very touching. There are some feel good moments, a few puppy adventures, and a good bit of suspense thrown in the mix. Several times I caught myself thinking, "Oh, no!" Younger readers will get caught up in the story and are definitely going to feel empathy and, ultimately, joy.


As an animal lover, my favorite lines are: "Is a dog important to God?" asked Caleb. Rachel nodded. "I know they are. He made dogs and cats to be our special companions. If he made them, he has to care about them."


This is a nice way to present the Gospel story to children in a way they can understand because they'll be able to relate to what it meant for Cole to make such a sacrifice for the benefit of others.