The Twice-Killed Man:  An Edwardian Mystery: Being a Further Recollection from the Papers of Colonel Sir Francis FitzMaurice, Concerning the Shocking Murder ... in 1907 (Montclaire Weekend Mysteries) - E.A. Allen

Catherine Ormond is a woman with class and fine sensibilities who had the misfortune of being married to a brute. That he managed to get himself murdered isn't the problem, but finding out who killed him proves to a challenge made ever more difficult by the number of people willing to confess to the crime. On the positive side, I like the narrator's voice and the tone. On the negative, I found it difficult to believe the queen would visit Montclaire rather than calling round for him if she wished to be so personally involved in Catherine Ormond's difficulties, but that's essentially a minor point. The novel, which is heavy on dialogue, sparse on description, might benefit from more character development as the novel is largely plot driven, but it was a decent cozy old Victorian mystery and not a bad way to spend a few hours on a lazy afternoon.